Cable Management

Reduce costs by securing ECG, SPO2, and other sensor cables and probes with Secure Mount Cable Management Systems. Keep replacement costs down and save valuable time in the process by keeping cables and leads secured to the equipment and in the proper location. When cables are misplaced this can waste valuable time, and replacement costs can be eliminated by locking down and properly organizing the cables with our systems. The spaghetti syndrome of tangled cables is a point of frustration for nurses and staff, not to mention the poor appearance, possibility of contamination from cables lying on the ground, and work-related accidents that can occur from unorganized cables.

Cable Tethers

Cable Tethers Utilize Secure Mount patented Cable Tethers to keep cables and leads in their place! Secure Mount tethers help eliminate unnecessary replacement costs for lost and damaged cables. This could save dozens of hours of time that could be spent on other projects. Our solution eliminates the need to be looking for cables or transferring cables from one unit to the next as all cables are locked down and remain with the appropriate equipment. The 6″ and 12″ cable tethers are also available in a Heavy Duty version which is made from a heavier cable with a thicker coating. We have many different sizes and tether options available.

Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

If you’ve had enough of flimsy baskets that bend, break, and simply don’t stand up to the rigors of the hospital environment, order up some of Secure Mount’s Heavy Duty IV Pole Mount Baskets. You can rest assured that these baskets will handle punishment and help keep the work area organized. Incorporated into every basket is a welded plate that will allow your facility to mount the basket in virtually any configuration. You can add our Universal Pole Mount Clamp for carts and monitor drop-down poles, or the Track Plate option for mounting within a headwall track. All the mounting holes are identical regardless of the system you choose, so you can change and adapt where the baskets go as your equipment and room layouts are reconfigured over time.

IV Poles & Accessories

We have many accessory items for all your hospital needs such as IV Pole Handles, Med Vial Holders, Pole clamps, Power Strips, a large variety of security tethers, and many other items. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

Custom Solutions

Virtually every industry faces loss prevention and security challenges every day, and the Health Care Industry is no exception. It’s not hard to find someone who can provide your facility with equipment and new technology. Unfortunately, they seldom can be of help when you need a solution to a loss prevention or security problem that involves their products, but is not the fault of their products. Third-party solutions can be daunting as well, since many of the companies in the medical industry are simply too large to efficiently handle custom design with individual hospitals. This is where Secure Mount comes in: We will collaborate with you to design, prototype, and manufacture a solution that is cost-effective, simple to implement, and delivers the return on investment needed in today’s challenging economy.